MILLENNIALS is a short form series about the ridiculous situations, thanks to technology, that a single generation may find themselves in. It was written and produced by a couple who was working for Audience Network at the time. 
On this project I was tasked with developing a series of Social Posts that could act as the show's Key Art. Being that they wanted the concept to initially follow a Social Media Campaign, I came up with a series of animated GIFs, some simple, and some a little more scripted. As you will see below the simple versions are scenes taken from the show and illustrated in a very colorful, eye popping style animating just the color. The more involved versions follow the same style, but tell more of a story. I acted as a Copywriter and wrote a script for our in-house Illustrator, Chris Martinetti, so that he could do all of the line drawings for the scenes. I came up with the water color treatment, Chis came up with the third storyboarded concept's color treatment.
The Original Concepts below are from our first round of concepting. 
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