Photography by Joey L.   
PAWN STARS is about a family run Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a truly entertaining piece of Reality TV, showcasing some of the most absurd junk a person might try to turn for a buck, to true pieces of history that could find itself on an auctioning table, and then on to a museum. The show as been on for over 15 season, and I'm lost track of which season this art was supposed to promote. 
On this job, I was tasked with coming up with Key Art based on a Photo Shoot that had already taken place. We were provided the photography, thanks to an awesome Photographer, Joey L. So I had stock assets along with this 3D Logo and the photography to work with. Seeing great potential in the Logo/ Title Treatment I wanted to add to it, texturally and lighting wise, to then make it the hero of the art. The positioning of the talent in the shoot was so dynamic already all I had to do is work in a neon logo, or a glittery vintage sign styled logo and KABAM! It became a great mark for the show and developed into some extremely magnetic art.
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