THE VOLUNTEERS is a documentary about a group of citizens united against the Syrian Rebel Forces in Syria. The doc covers a group of guys that have come to Syria from far away places, some of them US Citizens, to offer medical help. There are statics that say most of the casualties happening over there are from simple combat wounds, like a bullet to the leg. People didn't know the simplest concept of a Tourniquet, used to stop the bleeding. Men and women would just bleed out on the battle field. 
On this job I was tasked with developing Key Art  and a show Title Treatment. On most of these concepts, we were using provided photography and stills from the show. However based on one concept we were privlidged to have done a shoot with one of the main guys from the doc. Marketing had bought into the first concept, shown below, so we went out to LA to shoot him on a set, complete with fake concrete slabs and rubble. The Shoot was directed by our Associate Creative Director, Brant Louck, and another Art Director, Christine Houlihan. We then comped the hero scene together with a shot of Syria's war torn buildings I found, and Audience bought. Our retouchers at Audience Networks did the magic of making it into a night scene as well. This was an awesome job to work on.
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