Photography by Nigal Parry
THE WORLD WARS is a scripted series about the leaders of various nations involved in WWII, set during the war. 
The project was one of those jobs that became much bigger than originally anticipated. The agency of record had yet to release the campaign art and A+E Networks needed something right away to promote the show at 2013 MIPCOM conference in Cannes, France. The art was specifically developed for the entryway corridor of a multi-suite booth which was staged to showcase the network's many shows. Within two days of its conception, the A+E International Marketing team and The History Channel had approved the art for the booth. The History Channel later decided to use the art for their International Marketing Campaign in over 160 countries, on the Emmy Press Kit, and on the DVD cover art across all markets. 
The World Wars PRESS KIT designed by Jennie Poon.
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